Creating Resonance

Ted Mathis is a Licensed Professional Counselor helping survivors of trauma and abuse find harmony in their everyday lives.

Get In Tune With EMDR And Relationship Counseling

When a fine stringed instrument is tuned to perfection, it resonates with beautiful music that moves our souls. So it is with us. When we’re humming along, living our passion, our lives fairly sing with joyful productivity.

But sometimes our lives seem out of tune. Our efforts are discordant, and we fall short of our potential. Often we don’t know what’s not working, we just know we’re not achieving the virtuosity we long for.

That’s when we need help …

Ted Mathis

Ted Mathis

Licensed Professional Counselor


Man suffering from PTSD while loved one comforts them

Trauma & PTSD

loving couple holding each other in an embrace

Relationship Issues

man at laptop looking off into the distance

Anxiety or Fear

Approachable Sessions

My fee is $110 for a 50 minute session during normal business hours. I accept debit cards and credit cards. I can provide you with a statement as needed to aid in obtaining reimbursement from your insurance company, and I accept direct payment from Crime Victim’s Compensation.

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